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K-pop Creator

Are you a K-pop fan who does make your own K-pop goods on your own? or you have some talent that you want to share with other people?express your creativity and talent to the world

Are you a K-pop fan and also make your one and only goods of your favorite artists? instead of hiding your precious talent, why don't you share it with other K-pop fans. Sharing your talent that started from what you love means a lot
What you love
Surprisingly, everyone here, whether host or participant, is a lover of the K-pop culture. We are wonderful people who unbiasedly acknowledge and respect new things. Let's communicate together by opening your own K-pop related virtual activities
where you belong
Diversify your income streams this time you can earn additional money by doing what you love and you are passionate about
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Open k-pop related virtual classes

virtual classes where K-pop fans learn, make and interact


you don’t think you have special skills to share? doesn’t have to be special. If you know how to customize things like shoes, clothes, or anything, open your own classes where K-pop fans can enjoy. Here’s one of the works that I customized my spare shoes with BT21 and letters appeared in the “Dynamite” movie

DIY Goods Making

Instead of making DIY goods of your favorite K-pop artists, let’s share your skills with other fans. It’s not just class It’s where we share and interact