Live Zoom K-pop tour to Special BTS destinations


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⭐Live Zoom K-pop tour to Special BTS destinations⭐

Hello guys😊we are going on a K-POP tour to the Gangnam area. Gangnam area is one of the busiest districts full of entertaining elements.

This virtual tour activity is opening via ZOOM for 50 minutes. For this class, we are planning to open 3 main destinations


1. First Stop (FREE)
– visit BTS Jin special cafe “I’m fine cafe” in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam (the very special place where tourists do not know much)

2. Second Stop
– visit BTS’s frequently visited restaurant when they were trainees & have some Jimin’s favorite dish together

3. Last Stop
– have some BT21 eys-shopping to the largest Line flagship store in Gangnam (we even buy BT21 goods instead of you & deliver to you)