You are currently viewing BTS Related Activities You Can Do in Korea! I just love #4

BTS Related Activities You Can Do in Korea! I just love #4

4 BTS Related Activities You Can Do in Korea! I just love #4

Are you a BTS fan who is just heading over to Korea? I feel your excitement! You have been dancing and singing away to BTS songs all your life (and you will keep doing so forever). So it only makes sense for you to hang out at places that mean a lot to your beloved BTS members.

Dear BTS Army, here are a few BTS hot spots in Korea you simply cannot miss:

1. Hyangliam Buddhist Temple

Yeosu, South Jeolla Province

This temple holds a special place in the heart of RM. But in reality, you’ll find it at the top of the cliff near the South Sea! You will find that he wrote two wishes there: One for the BTS to go to the Grammys, and to get accepted into the KAIST graduate school! And you know very well what happened… The Grammy wish came true!

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Imagine experiencing the serenity while looking at the South Sea panorama from the top of the cliff. Be it at sunrise or sunset, this place is the perfect retreat to make your wishes like RM!

2. Achasan Mountain

Achasan Gwangjang-dong, Gwangjingu Seoul

This mountain is the easiest one to hike in Seoul and will remind you of one of the episodes of Run! BTS. Imagine watching the sunrise just like RM and V did from the very top!

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Although that was meant to be a punishment, the boys realized how beautiful the result of the hike was! And if you want the experience to be the same, why not cook something for breakfast as Jin did?

3. &Gather Café

39 Dokseodang-ro Yongsan-gu Seoul

You’ll recognize this vibrant brick-textured place straight from one of the episodes of Run! BTS. It’s that episode where Jin wore one of the cutest pink bunny suits in existence. You cannot miss the signature drinks of your BTS boys over here, which of course, also include the Iced Rosy Latte by Jin and the scrumptious Iced Coco-Presso by J-Hope! These are the ultimate takes on coffee that a BTS fan needs to refresh and take over the world! And how about posing with that neon pink sign right after the drinks?

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4. Hyangho Beach, Jumunjin

Gangneung-si, Gagwon-do

The Hyangho Beach is usually not crowded. So take your shoes in your hand and explore the whole place because this is where Spring Day was shot! If you want to get into the BTS Spring Day vibe, why not dye your hair a dusty, pixie-pink just like Jimin did?

And you just can’t miss the Bangtan Bus Stop. Did you know that it was built especially for the shoot of the album cover of You Never Walk Alone? It was taken off immediately but of course, with requests pouring in from BTS Army, the bus stop was put up again! You can take as many photos as you want at the bus stop, featuring the East Sea in the background!

These are just a few destinations that the BTS boys have rocked with their presence. Which one is on your bucket list first? Let us know!