You are currently viewing 5 Fun Activities by K-pop Idols during Coronavirus

5 Fun Activities by K-pop Idols during Coronavirus

5 Fun Activities by K-pop Idols during Coronavirus

Almost every K-pop fan is missing offline fan-meetings to see their favorite K-pop idols in real life. Just like the rest of the world, K-pop idols were also forced to stay at home but they made the most out of their spare time. If you also want to know how your idols spent their time during the lockdown, here are the top 5 activities performed at home by your favorite singers.

If you like their creativity, you can also learn these basic DIY projects and basic life skills. Also, we will recommend some unique K-pop activities you can enjoy from home. Let’s see which activities you can learn from the quarantine routine of your K-pop idols.

1.   Try Dalgona Coffee

Almost everyone tried this coffee during quarantine because it was one of the hottest trending things for a few months. Everyone was missing good times with friends while having coffee at their favorite spots.

Your K-pop idols also followed this trend and BTS, AOA, A.C.E, and Twice also published a post about trying DIY Dalgona coffee recipes. It was really fun seeing different personalities trying this trend of making coffee at home. The recipe is simple and even you can try making this coffee at home.

2.  Flower Arrangement Skills

BTS really learned the skill of being the florist. If you are impressed with the creativity of your K-pop idol, you can also follow them to learn more about arranging flowers for different events. Learning dance, singing, and other traits from your favorite personalities are too common.

Be a true K-pop fan and learn how to decorate baskets and vases in your house with flowers. This fun activity by K-pop singers must have urged millions of fans to focus on little things around them.

3.  Making ASMR Videos

There are countless ASMR videos available on YouTube. Most of the videos were created within a few weeks of Mina Twice releasing her ASMR video. Since then, millions of K-pop fans have created such content where you can hear them eating food loudly.

These videos might sound weird but K-pop loved these videos all over the world. ASMR videos by Mina Twice and Tzuyu got millions of views from all over the world.

4.  Home Karaoke

BTS β€œV” Kim Taehyung started the β€œstay at the home challenge” where asked the K-pop fans to stay at home and trying singing favorite songs. The idea of karaoke is too old but recently, BTS Army has especially shifted its attention towards the karaoke trend.

You can sing your favorite song or your idols and check the songs that are famous in their playlist. It’s time to stay positive and K-pop singers offered the positive vibes only throughout the quarantine.

5.  Try Creative DIYs

Donghun and Jun from ACE took the DIY tasks to the next level during the quarantine. They can be seen trying different things and making DIY stuff at home. They also taught you how to make a mask at home that can help you to stay safe amid a pandemic.

Also, how about customizing your shoes or creating your own special gel candles on your own? To be very honest, K-pop merch gets sometimes so pricey. Making one and only K-pop goods will be perfect for anyone who values creativity and uniqueness

Apart from cherishing K-pop music, you also need to learn positive traits from the life of your idols. These things can be pretty fun for K-pop fans.